What Is The Foundation of Learning and Youth Travel Education (FLYTE) Program?

Only teachers know the true value of education. Those privileged enough to travel the world and get good education know how rewarding this experience can be. However, not everyone has got the monetary means to make such a dream come true. Most people are unable to travel due to several reasons. Whether it’s family obligations, money, or certain circumstances, travel is one luxury many people don’t get to do.   

Only 35% of people in the US have a passport. You do the math.  

Students in underserved areas and those with limited resources are robbed of opportunities to expand their worldview and meet new people from different cultures. They cannot share what they have learned in life with those who don’t have access to education that was the inspiration The Foundation of Learning and Youth Travel Education (FLYTE) was created.   


Wealthy school districts have the financial freedom to send their students overseas on educational trips. On the other hand, teachers and schools in underserved areas do not get this opportunity. FLYTE supports such communities and offers students the chance to learn more about the world.   

Thanks to the organization, schools in the lower districts can reward their students with travel, focusing on cultural awareness and education. Teachers are provided with the funding and a plan that allows them to direct students to use what they learned in real-world applications.   

FLYTE was founded by Matthew Kepnes, a New York Times Bestselling travel author, in 2015. He also has a website called Nomadic Matt that offers travelers budgeting tips. Since 2016, Matt has been on the road and plane to explore the world.  

FLYTE believes that through a global experience, students will develop an understanding of today’s world and discover the courage to be more responsible. The organization aims to tell students that there are plenty of wonders of the world spread worldwide, allowing them to explore more than what their community offers.  

FLYTE Program – Equity In Study Abroad    

You are probably wondering how FLYTE can provide students with such a golden opportunity to explore the world. The organization partners with schools located in underserved communities that lack the resources to offer global education.   

They provide funding to make the travel possible. To ensure that students are not hit with an educational gap, we analyze the curriculum of the foreign school to find out if they will adjust fine. With the help of FLYTE, many students who have never gone outside their home city can step on a plane.  

The trip grant money is collected through corporate contributions, individuals, and foundations. Individuals hold the largest share and 92% of the total amount goes into the program costs. The cost differs with the trip taken and the number of students and teachers taken on board. Moreover, the destination chosen is never the same.