The Disney World Fast Pass Makes A Comeback…For A Price

Walt Disney World might have started with humble beginnings,but times are changing with the most popular ticket in town known as theFastPass. Disney World has used the FastPass system since launching in 1999that automatically gave them an advantage over competitor theme parks withoutthe time-saving feature for guests. 


Competitors eventually caught up with offering a similar option to park guests at Universal Orlando and Seaworld Orlando that offered a fast pass program but charged guests extra for the service. Disney World hasindicated their plans to charge for faster wait times for rides with they now call Lightning Lane access.

In 2017, Disneyland in California eliminated the FastPass program and launched a similar service charging guests $20 for the revamped MaxPass. Initially, park guests weren’t too happy with the change in service,but the MaxPass quickly grew in popularity.

Now Disney World and Disneyland will offer the same line-skipping options unveiling a broad new digital navigation tool called Disney Genie+ according to The New York Times. Inspired by the magical genie that grants any wish from the Disney movie “Aladdin,” the Disney Genie+ is a free service for guests to plan their perfect trip.

Disney Genie+ will help park guests customize personalized itineraries based on selected preferences and favorite Disney characters. The Genie+ program ensure guests enjoy everything on their theme park bucket listwith the ability to alter plans if needed or if the park conditions change withupdated itineraries.

The Genie+ program will also help guide guests through the 40-square-mile megaresort among the six separately ticketed parks providing a less overwhelming experience. The goal of this new program is to provide better navigation for guests, so they spend less time navigating and spending more money at desired attractions.

The Disney Genie+ program is free for the itinerary feature while they work in integrate more options including mobile food ordering,current ride wait times, and a wait-time forecaster. Disney Genie+ will entice guests but the Genie+ feature is where guests will have to pay extra for certain features.

The Genie+ program will cost an additional $15 per person at Disney World and $20 per person at Disneyland as an extra daily fee for the service. The Genie+ program will also give exclusive access to new features including the ability to download photos from the park’s professional photographers. This upgrade will allow guests access to the Lightning Lane at avariety of rides with each selection allowed to be made one at a time with an unlimited number of fast boardings determined by the overall attendance andlength of stay.

Some of the popular rides aren’t available with this programand the prices can fluctuate based on date, park, and attractions according to Disney. Under the current guidelines, guests will be limited to two of these upgrades in a day according to Disney.

The Disney Genie+ program will be a revamped version of the MyMagic+ program introduced in 2014 with wristbands worn by guests that integrated with an app allowing guests to deposit money for cashless transactions, managing dining reservations, and fast passes. Check your appstore for availability to download the Disney Genie+ app.