The Biggest Banksy Exhibit Is On Tour Across The U.S.

The traveling Banksy art show, The Art of Banksy Unauthorized Private Collection, will be touring to several cities across the U.S. featuring the biggest collection to date. This tour gives exclusive access to an unauthorized private collection and not an official art exhibition as the artist, Banksy, is not involved. Instead, it is being put together by Starvox Exhibit. Starvox Exhibit will also be the presenters of the exhibition.
Starvox Exhibit is the exhibiting company behind the popular art experience “Immersive Van Gogh” held at SVN West in San Francisco in 2021.The Art of Banksy tour started in San Francisco in November 2021 and continues to tour more cities across the U.S. featuring what is being deemed as the biggest Banksy collection. 

Exclusive Look At Banksy Art Collection

The Art of Banksy collection features 80 pieces valued at $35 million making it one of the biggest Banksy art collections in the world. The exhibit features art pieces from a private collection created between 1997 and 2008 at the height of Banksy’s popularity.
The exhibit is designed in chronological order that shows the evolution of the artist including some popular pieces from Banksy’s career highs. Most of Banksy’s art pieces are fixed locations for street art that gives access to locals making this traveling exhibit a unique experience tied to the anonymous artist. 

Why Is Banksy So Famous?

Banksy is a unique contemporary artist, especially because nobody knows their real name or identity. They are famous for leaving murals on public buildings that depict satirical messages mixed with childhood emblems, dark humor, and patriotism in guerrilla-style art form.
Their work is mainly inspired by images in popular culture but destabilizes the original meanings of these inspirations. In a culture where anyone can be famous, Banksy has made it both a professional and cultural point by staying anonymous despite the popularity of his art. 

Why The Locations Do Not Hold Up The Mysterious Exhibit

Before the secret location was disclosed, there was much hype around the subject. The official social media pages dedicated to the art show were constantly marketing the show to get the public interested. The aggressive marketing by the exhibit presenters had managed to create hype that received media attention and coverage months in advance before the show. Like the art of Banksy, the exhibition The Art of Banksy was expected to be different from mainstream art exhibitions with a majority of the exhibit locations being established museums and galleries. With Banksy’s anonymous persona and satirical art, the audience expected an underground location with an industrial or grunge-themed interior. However, most of the locations chosen for The Art of Banksy remind the audience that despite Banksy’s mysterious persona and his guerilla-style art, it is, after all, art. In fact, by holding the Art of Banksy at a place where period-defining art is exhibited, the exhibitors have made a silent statement about how Banksy’s art defines the early twenty-first century. 

Check Out The Art Of Banksy Tour Cities 

Want to check out the exhibit? You can check the tour dates on the official websites for the Art of Banksy tour across the U.S. on select dates in the following major cities.

Boston: April 28 – May 1
Denver: April 28 – June 12
Minneapolis: May 12 – July 10
Washington: June 23 – Aug. 21
Cleveland: July 21 – Sept. 18
Phoenix: TBD
Detroit: TBD
Nashville: TBD